MR motech ApS delivers elevators in a good quality

Design and quality

MR motech can supply all types of electric lifts for Hydraulic lifts after EN81-2 +A3 with and MRL. From 2016 also the latest standard EN81-20 / 2014.

We have 3 product lines to make the ordering process as simple as possible.

MR Classic is lifts in the most common sizes in design and performance to suit the Danish requirements and customer wishes. The options are relatively few – but the prices are very competitive.

MR Flex lifts for all purposes and in all sizes. Here you can get special cabin measurements, adjacent access, very small lifts, large freight lifts up to 25,000 kg load, car lifts, shallow pit, low headroom and more. Our experienced technicians will find a solution for your specific building.

MR Design lifts with exceptional finish and special requirements. Here we can participate in the project at an early stage, so it is ensured that the special requests can be done. It can be panoramic lifts, round lifts and any special requests about the finish can be met.

For all product lines, we are able to supply doors with fire class EI60 according EN81-58 and we can continue to deliver with swing doors – side-hinged doors.

MR motech ApS has its own product range with high adaptability to the specific task.

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MR motech ApS can provide hydraulic lifts of 225 kg up to 25,000 kg load. It is solid quality with a very modern management and many opportunities for adjustments. Hydraulic remains a good solution if space is limited or large freight elevators with relatively low head (i.e. below about 15 m.). Existing hydraulic elevators can be modernized with new energy efficient management and replacement of wearing parts of a concrete assessment.

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MR motech ApS has installed hundreds of lifts on the outside of buildings, stairs, or otherwise attached to existing building. We can also assist with other related construction works.

Our elevators are available in all imaginable sizes.

MR motech is also specialized in conditions where there is insufficient pit area or peak height. We can supply electric lifts with pit 250 mm and peak height down to 2.700 mm. Hydraulic elevators we offer with the peak height down to 2.500 mm.

This area is a little complex, so please contact us for further dialogue.

MR motech ApS has great experience in renovation existing elevators.

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A great design and a good sense of quality is important to the building’s expression. When the mechanical parts of the elevator are renovated/modernized, wouldn´t it be great to also renovate the cabin to give it a modern and beautiful finish?

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It is important to also renovate/modernize the doors of the elevator.

Operational problems with automatic doors causes a very large part of the unwanted stops for elevators and the cost and inconvenience, it gives the users. Therefore, the choice of the right door a very significant part of the elevator.

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These are the most robust doors. The team behind MR motech ApS has extensive experience in producing side hinged doors to elevators, and our doors are characterized by very high quality and very robust.

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At MR motech ApS we provide elevator shafts for all types of construction.

The shafts are mostly delivered in a construction with welded square or RHS profiles. Transportation to the site is done by truck, and shafts hoisted into place with a mobile crane.

The shafts are available with many types of clothing, which painted steel and glass are the two most common.

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MR motech ApS har stor erfaring med mange forskellige typer af glasskakte, og vi vil naturligvis gerne rådgive om både design og de tekniske muligheder og krav.